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“It started out as a pencil holder…”

December 31, 2018

Rather than each of us buying Christmas gifts for my entire large family, we draw names. Earlier this year I got my brother Jim’s name, and I was excited because I told myself I’d make him something cool. He & I have very similar tastes, so if I liked something that I made, he likely would too. I didn’t know exactly what it would be, so a couple months ago I bounced a few ideas off of his wife Darcy. A “desk accessory” seemed like a good direction.

Jim & Darcy could be called the founders of the BAB Fan Club, having spent a week of their vacation helping us clear out the junk and Read more…


Free Mint

August 17, 2018

Yes! Feel free to take our mint! The story and recipes below.

Our little mint patch is still going strong and I have fun experimenting with ways to use it. I particularly enjoy savory recipes and salads. Mint is great in bean salads and it is frequently used in middle eastern recipes. It adds a light freshness to food.

When we’re working outside, we offer it to our passing neighbors- there is plenty to share! And, it needs to be kept pruned back so it doesn’t get woody. Sometimes, we mow it to force fresh growth.


Good little cookbook by Helen Sudell

Last week, Tom was coming back Read more…

Removing Gas Pipe

July 31, 2018

We have a huge natural gas service and a lot of gas pipe in the BAB. A tiny bit of the pipe has already been creatively re-purposed. Most of it, though, is in the way and needs to be removed. The first step is to disconnect the main line and cap the pipe so we can safely remove the rest.

The big iron pipe on the right side was the original gas distribution. The black flex pipe extending vertically from the gigantic meter next to Tom’s knee is the service to the apartment.

We only currently use gas for Read more…


July 27, 2018

At the end of last year, we had a deep, long freeze. Since then, the only functional plumbing has been in the apartment. Over the Memorial Day weekend, we started to install temporary replacement pipes. This was necessary at this point because we want to start getting construction trades back in the building and we really don’t want to share the apartment bathroom with them. When we’re working around the BAB, we get dirty so we also don’t want to be tracking bits of the BAB through the apartment.

We couldn’t rely on most of the old pipes because they are buried in walls and could leak. There needed to be all new runs from a shut-off to each of the fixtures: the dock fridge ice maker (we’ve been using cube trays), the dock water heater which provides hot water for upstairs, the upstairs toilet and vanity, and the upstairs utility sink (no more hauling the watering can to my upstairs window gardens!).

And the girls occasionally need a bath. Lucy needed a lot of baths toward the end.

Some Read more…

New kid in town

April 22, 2018

Lily has been our only dog for four months, but no longer! Thanks, once again, to the folks at Come Bye Border Collie Rescue, we have a new pup to keep her company.

Beautiful day for a walk in the park! Lily is now our bigger dog.

She came from a remote Read more…

Neighborhood Connection

March 23, 2018

After the BAB was included in St. Louis At Home’s March magazine, we heard from someone that saw a family connection in one of the photos.

For Sale Booker Bundschuh sign, tucked behind a pot of sticks (photo by Carmen Troesser)

We have this cabinet by the front door for dog walking supplies (former grocery bags, leashes, towels). A reader of the magazine Read more…

Social Media for Dead People

March 20, 2018

OK, so maybe it is really more like Social Media for Genealogy Buffs. This is not a direct connection to our building, just a weird thing I stumbled upon, thanks to Google interconnecting the world.

On occasion, we’ll hear from someone that found us after searching for information on the Jacoby stained glass studio, who worked in our building after the telephone company divested of it in 1945, until the last big recession in 1975. We’ve found Read more…