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April 6, 2009

Your interpretation of the title of this post will all depend on your “perspective”.

Scene 1: My office… Today, Mary sent us a listing in an email.

I opened it and it looked like all the rest. At first. Then I read it. And then there was that little itty bitty picture. Hmmm… looked intriguing. Read some more.  Clicked on the links for more pictures. Suddenly it hits me: HOLY CRAP!

Our first impression...

Could this be real? Is it really 13 THOUSAND square feet? And a freight elevator?! And all made out of concrete? What WAS this magical place? I must find out more; first to look on the internet for more pics and info; maybe I could drive by there at lunch. I can’t WAIT to talk to Sue about it…


Scene 2: Sue’s office; reading the same email…

Hmmm… this looks like a lot of the other listings… What’s this? HOLY CRAP! This place is WAAAAAY too big. No freakin’ way.



Scene 3: Later that day… a telephone call between Tom & Sue.

Tom: “Sue! Did you see the listing Mary sent?!”

Sue: “Yeah – isn’t that something?”

Tom: “I know! 13,000 square feet!”

Sue: “Quite ridiculous…”

Tom: “Wuh? Wait a minute… what do you mean? I’d like to see it.”

Sue: “You’re crazy. It’s way too big.”

Tom: “No it’s not. Did you see the price?!”

Sue: “Yes it is; and it doesn’t matter how much. It will cost too much to heat it.”

Tom: “We don’t have to heat it all. Let’s go look at it!”

Sue: “No.”


So “Holy Crap” – it all depends on your perspective. This was our first knowledge of this crazy building; perhaps it is destined to become our creative and imaginative space that we’ve been looking for since… well.. since forever.

Thus, our first blog post.

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