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First Look: Interiors pics!

April 11, 2009

So we got into the building today – and I am so jazzed! The place was awesome – forget about all the CRAP left everywhere by the seller – Sue & I have a learned skill to “blank out” junk like that; we can envision it without the garbage left behind and imagine what’s NOT there. However, Sue is NOT so jazzed and she keeps saying “No, no, no – it’s way too big.” In any event, here are pictures of the inside.

This first group of four is from the main front room on the first floor. The ceiling is about 16′ high.

Front room, northwest

Front room, northeast

Front room, looking south

Front room, looking south

There is a room at the south with an interesting door label:

"Sitting Room" and spray-painted over was "MIss Callahan - Personnel Assistant"

A smaller room at the south.

There is an existing dock area – and a sliding door with direct access to the alley.

Dock area at south, door opens to alley

An area next to the dock

A view further away from the dock.

The basement was no exception to the “piles of crap” left everywhere. The ceiling down there is about 9′ high.

Basement, west side, looking north

Basement, west side, looking northeast

Basement, west side, looking south

There is a small bathroom in the basement too.

Wall hung sinks in the basement.

The east side of the basement is a little scarier; lots of old heating equipment.

Basement, east side, looking north.

Front doors of old boiler; about 5' diameter.

The “front stairs” go up to the second floor.

Stairs to second floor; from the main entrance on first floor.

Front stairs (north), looking down from second floor.

The stained glass skylight over the front stairs.

The following six pics are taken from the second floor, at the north end. The ceiling up there is about 13′-6″ high.

Door from stair into north area of second floor.

North area of second floor.

View looking south from north area.

View looking south, but standing further to the west.

View of north area, looking west.

View of the north area.

The next six pictures are taken of the south area of the second floor, which has “back stairs” which are open (no enclosure around them.) The stairs have great metal railings with oak handrails.

View towards south, standing midway.

View of back stairs, looking east.

View of back stairs, looking east and a little south.

View of back stair, from north, looking south.

View of back stair, looking north.

View of back stair, looking north.

View of back stair, from landing, looking up and towards the south.

The next three pictures are taken from the east half of the south area; there is a freight elevator (more of a lift) that still works.

View from an area on the east that has a lot of old work tables and some sinks.

View of the area that has some old work tables, and a cleaning area with sinks.

View of the east/south area - with freight elevator.

Lastly, there is one part of the second floor that looks like it was the office area. It’s the “cleanest” area.

Office area, looking south.

Office area, about midway, looking south.

Office area, looking north.

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