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Halloween 2009

November 1, 2009

Having just closed on the property sale a couple of weeks ago, and seeing a diminishing number of [legitimate] trick-or-treaters in our current/previous neighborhood, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to meet our new neighbors by going down to our building and setting up chairs and handing out candy to scary dressed-up ghouls and goblins.

But first we needed to make the place look like it was no longer dead and vacant… Chris across the street told us that the entry alcove was a popular teenage hangout because it was pretty dark and it was easy to hide in there with your girlfriend/boyfriend for… whatever.  So the first order of business was to replace the burned out light bulbs over that dark place – we would then leave the lights on permanently. (Of course, we put in energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps.) We also replaced lamps inside the foyer, as well as a long hallway leading away from the entrance – both of these areas would be visible through the glass entrance doors, increasing the amount of light into the entrance. Oh, and of course we had to sweep out the leaves and garbage that were trapped in the alcove; and unfortunately – bleach away the urine smell that had accumulated over the years because this dark recess had apparently become useful to the bastards that couldn’t hold it for 3 more minutes to walk to their own house.

But back to the main topic – after spending most of Saturday cleaning & prepping, we set up our camp chairs and camp stools out on the sidewalk by 5:00pm – still daylight.

Our first visitor: Rikita.

She said she lived just two houses away, was excited that we bought the building, did we know it was haunted, gave us the scoop on the two boys across the street that are such good friends that they are never apart and therefore were referred to as “Tom and Jerry”, said that her cat climbs into our basement through a skinny vent and duct through a basement shaft, wanted to meet our dog (who was not with us), and that she was dressed up as “Mrs. Freddy Kreuger”, all without taking a single breath.

Rikita is adorable. She stopped by at least three more times.

– – –

We met many families and kids over several hours. We were pleasantly surprised that everyone welcomed us to the neighborhood, and their responses to learning that we recently bought this vacant gigantic building and we were planning to simply “move in and live in it”, varied from “Awesome!” to blank stares and a quiet “Huh?”…   We didn’t have the luxury of explaining everything about us, why we need/want so much square footage, and any details of our future plans (that’s what this blog is for) so we did the best we could in the average 45 seconds that parents & kids had as they strolled by.  Generally, everyone was happy that this building would no longer be vacant and that some weird condo/apartment/business wasn’t going to clog up their quaint neighborhood.

It was a great introduction to our neighbors. We quit around 8:00pm because A) we were starting to run out of candy, B) we were getting cold, and C) needed more nourishment than M&M/Mars could provide to us. Off to Iron Barley restaurant for another fabulous dinner.

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