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November 10, 2009


We have been talking about buying a place for years. Many years. Now that we have a place, we are finding ourselves explaining our plans, as simply as we can, to many people from many different parts of our lives. When we try to explain what our new place is/will be, the responses typically fall into three categories.

1. “Wa?”

This response comes from a complete disconnect of understanding when we say ‘we are going to live here’ and we point to the building. We might as well be pointing to a cube of cheese and say ‘we are going to live here’. The place isn’t what this group would immediately picture when you say ‘house’ or ‘home’ or ‘single family residence’. If we said ‘school’ or ‘office’, they would have a much easier time understanding the idea. This group of responders, when the fog clears enough to ask a question, most often asks ‘when will you be finished?’ This group represents the vast majority of the people we talk with.

2. “Are you nuts?”

This group immediately understands the magnitude of the project ahead of us. They would never dream of asking ‘when will you finish?’ They immediately jump to ‘are you insane?’ Enter expletives liberally for the complete effect of the response. They would no more consider doing a project like this then they would consider inhabiting a cube of cheese.

3. “That is so cool!”

Architects, artists and crazed dreamers fill out this group of folks. Their eyes glisten, their jaws drop and they point wildly. The possibilities stun them into a momentary stupefied silence, followed but a rush of suggestions and ideas: roller derby, bowling alley, haunted house… This group also makes up the bulk of the excited helpers that have gathered to help to start making this place inhabitable. These are our people.

And another response…

There was another response that doesn’t fall into anyone of these categories, but kind of inhabits all of them. Sue’s parents said ‘Well, we don’t understand a lot of the things you have chosen to do, but they all seem to turn out well, so we wish you the best.’ That is the kind of loving support that fosters crazy dreamers.

We appreciate the enthusiasm we have received from all of the folks that have listened to us babble on about our project and we look forward to confounding more people with our visions.

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