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Party Prep

November 28, 2009

Phase 3

By Thanksgiving Thursday we were transitioning from “final cleaning” into “party planning” phase. We finished the heavy-duty lifting and hauling and now we have to get creative, as in “How can we use this weird object for the party?” There were still plenty of weird objects to choose from.

Sue: Learning to love Shabby Chic

It takes a Village

More folks stepped up to transform what is now an open volume of space into a party house.

Patrick (playlist maestro, on-call fixer, to-do list editor) joined us and helped figure out creative ways to use whatever components were available that could contribute to the party.  He whipped up tables from scraps and rigged the silkscreen frames into exhibit structures.

Patrick - Caught in the Middle of... Something...

Aly (purveyor of pretty) went with me to floral row to find economical flowers and containers. She orchestrated the arrangement and flow of the spaces and gave the final stamp of approval on the bathroom clean-up. She did the marvelous layout of the 20-foot long food buffet, made all the signs and customized the name tags. Aly does this kind of thing as part of her job, but it takes special talents to pull off ‘pretty’ in our place!

Dana (massage-guy) donated chairs. Many chairs! Each day I would come home from work, open the garage door – chairs! We’d move the chairs down to the building. The a few days later, I would come home from work, open the garage door – chairs! It is like our garage turned into a chair transmogrifier. When he and Laura arrived at the party, guess what? They brought more chairs! And he threw in a badminton set. We, thankfully, had enough places for everyone to sit.

Michael (fellow rehabber) came by with his father-in-law’s scaffolding. How many people do you know that have scaffolding? He needed a place to store it, we have plenty of storage – perfect fit! We used the scaffolding to create a B.A.B.-sized media tower. It supported the movie projector, music sound system and laptop slide show.

Scaffolding media tower

Darcy making furniture from pallets and cardboard.

Jim and Darcy (super heroes) scraped the scaffolding and painted it, moved furniture, set up lighting, figured out which outlets function, and did the final clean on the bathroom. They did many more tasks which were pretty, practical or kind of icky.

Bathroom: Aly-approved.

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