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Full Stop

December 15, 2009

What’s next?

The progress on our project reached a crescendo with the open house party. We had our tasks designated, deadlines to meet.There was buzz of activity, planning, progress being made that has come to a numbing halt. The vacuum is disturbing.

Holding pattern

Before we can make significant progress, our current residence needs to be sold. That is no small task in this economy. We’ve had a great deal of interest, which means we live with a small footprint. If I make tea, the counter is wiped and the empty mug goes directly into the dishwasher, or better yet, washed and put away. The bed is made, the dog hair tumble weeds swept up, fresh flowers ornament rooms, everything is placed just so when we leave. We’re getting pretty good at it, though. We’ve got it down to one hour from rolling out of bed to leaving. Since we put the house on the market, we’ve had over 30 folks through the place. Our realtor has been great at giving us notice so we can run home, clean up and fetch Lucy. We haven’t had the issue of folks showing up while we’re eating dinner, thankfully.

This isn’t our normal living pattern.

Command Center

We typically have some sort of project underway which spills into every room. We’ve put on hold, for now, things like our annual pesto-fest where we harvest the basil plot and jar up vast quantities of homemade pesto. If we cook at all, it is limited to mostly frozens and occasionally some pasta. It will be a sad day when we run out of pesto.


We used to hand it out liberally, but we are being very stingy this year (and maybe next- sorry!). We haven’t been able to set up our ‘project command center’ (formerly known as Dining Room) to seriously dig into the drawing and research we need to do for the coming construction. I have to say, I haven’t enjoyed the upkeep, but I actually enjoy living in a place that is tidy and pretty all of the time. That state of being will be short-lived, I’m guessing.


Compare this living environment with the one we find at the building. We have a collection of buckets catching the many roof leaks, but there are still random puddles from our incontinent roof. The water activates the remaining glue from the pulled up linoleum, creating a stealth sticky patch, waiting to gum up shoes and be tracked everywhere. As much as we removed, there remains much litter from the building’s past lives. We transform ourselves from buttoned up professionals, to disheveled bucket toters whenever we go over there. Mostly, we go to check on the place, move stuff from the house to the building and do the minor tasks we can squeeze in.


Lucy loves having our house on the market. All of the window coverings are wide open to show off the natural light and views. It also showcases the squirrels taunting her from the tree tops, dogs on walks and the despised mailman. Whenever someone wants to come through the place, she comes to my office. From her perspective, that is 25 people to pet her and throw her frisbee, trash cans to raid and lots of people coming and going to greet. She even joined our lunchtime yoga one day. She did ok, but when everyone is on the floor, she thinks that is an invitation for a group cuddle. She is going to be disappointed when she goes back to being a stay at home dog. We plan to compensate by bringing home a second dog to keep her company. They will have 63 windows with no coverings from which to look down on the neighborhood and bark to their hearts content.

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