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Gratuitous Lucy Post

April 9, 2010

We thought we started this blog to keep our far-flung friends and family informed on our building progress. Little did we know, Lucy’s fan club is out in force. We now know we need to throw you guys the occasional blog-bone. Many of you have commented on Her Cuteness and asked how she is doing in our in-between-home. Well,  

she has settled in and is doing quite well (and so are we, by the way). She has fulltime playmates –  Mary’s pups, Sugar and Tibby. Mary takes all 3 dogs for walks during the day. We really need to capture that on film. Picture an extreme Maypole game with Mary at the center, holding tight to dogs all wanting to go in different directions. Other than neighborhood walks, Lucy’s favorite pass time is barking at the world that passes by the porch. She even gets extra dog time with Susan and Jeff’s 3 large dogs on occasion in their huge fenced Dog Heaven yard. 

Lucy's Favorite Spot

Lucy took a short break from her neighborhood commentary to have Mary snapped this porch shot. It was one of the lovely, warm days we’ve been having lately. Looks pretty inviting!

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