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More “cartoons” found

July 3, 2010

This past Friday evening we were touring B.A.B. with our friends Barb & Kevin – first visit for them as they were unable to make our open house in November.

We were pokin’ around in the basement, then we were down the cable vault, and I was showing Barb a box of glass scraps on a shelf, left behind by Jacoby Stained Glass (they bought the building from Bell).

But just below the box of scrap glass, on the bottom shelf, was what looked like a white blanket all folded up. I shined the light, touched it, and quickly recognized it as the same thick paper that we have found before – it was full-size “cartoons” used to design and create stained glass windows. This “blanket” thick amount must contain a dozen drawings. I hollered for Sue; this was an exciting find.

I asked Barb to hold my flashlight as I grabbed ahold of the paper; Sue & Kevin were now with us. The stack was tightly jammed between the shelf supports and I pulled firmly but carefully – it took several tugs to pry it loose.

After the tour of the basement, I carried the drawings up to the second floor – it was the best place to lay them out, and it was drier than the basement. There were lots of folds – these might be long drawings… Sue helped me unfold them on the floor – yes, they are looooong…

As we got their full length unfurled, (about 30 feet!) Kevin asked “So how long have you guys owned this building?” we both replied that we closed in October. “And you just found these NOW?” he asked. “Yep…”. (there are lots of hidey holes in a BAB…) Kevin said: “This is pretty cool!”

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