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229 gallons of ink on the wall…

July 9, 2010

229 Gallons of ink on the wall

We were FINALLY able to give away the silkscreen ink that we inherited with our building!

It was a few weeks ago that I posted all of our ink for free on craigslist. Boy – was THAT a learning experience… from the email-collecting spammer replies of “This still available?” (which MY replies to went unanswered), to the slackers that got lost looking for our building. Even though I wrote in the ad “Must take all ink.”, several people wanted to waste my time and come by and “see if they want it.” IT’S FREE PEOPLE! LOOK AT THE PICTURES!

I wrote a previous post about a guy that came by to look at the ink at my request, and he wasn’t prepared to use solvent-based ink. Around the same time, “Anna” had emailed me and said she was an art student and could use all of the ink. But I told her that someone was coming to get it.

But when the other guy bailed, we were left holding all of the ink again, so I wrote Anna and told her it was still available. After a couple of planning snafus, and transportation issues, we thought we were going to be able to meet and load up the ink, but it never worked out.

And several people were still responding to the original craigslist post; I was partially disenchanted by the whole process and partially too busy too deal with it.

And then over the Fourth of July weekend, Anna texted me and said that she had borrowed a car and could come get the ink. Fortunately, I was headed down there and it could work out.

So she came with her friend Heather and she said that they could both make several trips. I looked at their small Taurus-sized cars and again offered my truck up for the purpose. I figured they’d need about FIVE round trips if they used their little four-door cars. They posed for this photo – I told them that I wanted to put it on our blog.

Anna (right) and Heather

I had some chores to do inside, so I didn’t help them load up the truck much, but I checked in with them regularly – even if it was just to bring them bottles of water (it was pretty hot & humid.)

When they were finished loading the truck – I was impressed with their results – the truck had nearly two full layers tightly packed in the bed. (When I was taking this photo they laughed because they had done the same thing for their blog…)

BAT with BAI?

We drove up to the community college that Anna attended – she directed me to the Art Building and I drove the BAT right down the sidewalk up to the front door. We unloaded all of the ink – and in the end – I counted them – there were 229 gallons, which we neatly stacked against a wall. Just as we were finishing, the POLICE arrived to see what we were doing on campus during a holiday. No worries – I bribed him… 😉

It was an awesome ending to a long ordeal.
We are happy to have moved the ink out of BAB, but more importantly, that we have given it all to someone that can USE it instead of it going into a landfill!

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  1. DBY permalink
    July 9, 2010 12:51 pm

    Giving away stuff for free online is surprisingly hard & frustrating. We subscribe to the local freecycle yahoo group. You wouldn’t believe the number of “no shows” we get… We had about four persons fail to show up while trying to get rid of two WORKING appliances. And I had to shoo away several irate junkers trying to claim dibs while waiting for the no shows.
    Also, you’d expect some level of politeness from someone that you’re giving free stuff to…


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