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July 27, 2010

Wasn't I promised a sister?

“When are you moving in?” That is the question we hear a lot and I wish we were closer to having a confirmed answer. Right now we say “Tom’s birthday- September 11th.” which is what we are shooting for. Some times it feels like we are running in place. I know we have done a lot. We certainly are working hard, but there is little substantial construction to point to yet. Much will be determined this week when we 

hear back about our building permit re-submittal. 

The first review came back with a few questions/comments, nothing serious. We will re-submit this week. The zoning hearing isn’t until the end of August, but thanks to assistance from our alderman, we can get a waiver to start construction before the hearing. At the zoning hearing, we are asking for a parking waiver since we don’t have the required on-site parking spaces. We will have a garage at some point, but not right away. We are also changing the building’s classification from Commercial to Residential. This will mean our utility rates will be much lower, our taxes much lower and we will be allowed to officially live there. 

So, many things are teed up, ready to start, pending approval. Franco would love to drop that paint scraper and pick up a hammer. 

In a lot of ways, this reminds me of running races with Lucy. Lucy loves running, loves races but hates starting lines. When I get up early on a weekend, she immediately knows something is different. Then, if I pick up my running shoes, she can no longer contain her excitement. She paces and whines until I am finally ready to head out the door. Her volume increases when she jumps in the Outback and we head to the race. When we finally get to the race site, she is so worked up she has to climb a few trees. We walk over to the starting line, and, wait. Weren’t we supposed to be running? Why are we all standing around? She give me that look- Come on already! All the races we’ve run together over the years and she still hates to wait when she knows what great stuff is coming.  

We are on the starting line and have to wait, just a little bit longer. We’ll be full speed ahead before we know it! 

APA Fast and the Furriest Run

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  1. Sue permalink
    August 4, 2010 2:02 pm

    Oh- no! Then there would be one more person you’d have to share your jewelry with!

  2. Maurine permalink
    August 4, 2010 11:58 am

    Oh, Susan, your first sentence really gave me a start. As you know, with our slow dial up system, the print comes up much faster than the picture. So, when I clicked on to this entry my first sight was, “Wasn’t I promised a sister?” My first thought was, “Come on, Susan, get serious! At my age?” Anyway, I read through the rest and then scrolled back up to see what the picture was, and there was sweet Lucy. So now I am breathing a little easier. Love, Mom


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