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Pipes No More

August 15, 2010

This weekend Sue & I got a major task completed – we cut & removed a half ton of pipe that was suspended from the basement ceiling. None of them are used for anything, so we wanted to clear out the area of the basement below the future apartment for the new mechanical, electrical and plumbing work.

Working in the dark creepy basement

It was pretty messy work, as well as tedious. We had to cut them into manageable lengths, which was 8′ or so for the 2″ pipes, but the 3″ and 4″ were easier to handle in 5′ lengths or so, shorter if there were more tees attached.

Dirt & grime left undisturbed for 80+ years started coming down on us as we sawzalled and grindered the pipes. One cut through a 4″ pipe wasted a whole blade. (THAT sucked.) I switched between the sawzall and angle grinder – sawzall was faster but I had to really bear down on the blade; angle grinder took a lot longer but the cutting disc did all the work.

I mentioned in a previous post that it’s so hot there lately that I bring several t-shirts to change into – well, this probably would have been another 3-shirt day, but I didn’t change over the course of the 6 hours in the basement because I wanted to have long sleeves, and I only had one long-sleeve T to keep (most of) the falling debris off. When we quit, not only was my shirt quite soaked, but there were some interesting colors.

Newest in fashion: "Earthtones"

(The original color of the shirt is beige – seen in the lower right corner of the pic.)

Not much else was going on the past week – St. Louis has had a wicked heat wave – over 100 degrees every day for nearly a week – making the heat index between 110 ad 115 every day. And that’s the temp OUTSIDE – the BAB currently has a black roof, no AC, little air circulation, so it gets pretty brutal in there.  So Franco took a few days off. He was there on Saturday working on windows while we were in the basement.

Some other updates:

I spoke with our building inspector on Wednesday, and he’s given us the go-ahead to start construction. (But there’s still lots of window work to do before we’re ready to do some framing.)

The ancient glue from the linoleum of the future apartment (the “red room”) just had to go. It was nearly 1/4″ thick in some spots, and the slightest bit of moisture from all the work just turned it slicker than Vaseline. So I mopped half of the floor with the mop machine Tuesday evening, then finished the rest of it tonight.

Next week: you guessed it – more window work!

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