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Two Down, Sixty-One to Go

August 22, 2010

80+ years of muckity yuck

Cleaned & Polished!

The two windows that were removed and boarded up a few weeks ago are now back in place. Inside and out, the metal frames and sashes are cleaned down to the original 1923 galvanized coating, new chains have been strung, the hardware is brightened up, all new glass panes in place and the interior finish has been polished to a low sheen. One window pulley had a broken axle and Tom spent this morning replacing it.

We now have two windows that function like new. It feels great to have them done. And they look fantastic, too. After two 12-hour  work days for the three of us (me, Tom and Franco), (and Tom and Franco worked all day Friday) we are too tired to think of what else to write. Hopefully the photos that follow will tell the tale.

New 1/4" glazing

90 lbs of steel weights for each sash.

Wire wheel works wonders!

Top sash in place - half done!

Amazing after brushing and a clear coat!

No access panel? Cut one yourself!

Where's Waldo?

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