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Take a right at the strip club…

October 9, 2010

In case there’s ever question, I take Sue to all the BEST places.

This morning we went shopping for a refrigerator. While most people would go to Sears, Best Buy, maybe even Home Depot… nuh-uh… not us. Not BAB people.

Sue wanted to have a “centerpiece” refrigerator, one that would look cool in the apartment.
I said: “I know where to go… there’s this guy, with the stuff, from the place…”

Little did she know that it’s in the same “strip mall” as the Penthouse strip club. (Okay, neither did I…)

“warehouse district” of Sauget, IL

So we drive across the river, and the map program misguides us into some long lost neighborhood of East Saint Louis. I call the place (the guy with the stuff answers) and he tells me “Oh yeah, map programs always send people in the wrong place.”  I’m thinking – WTF? Why can’t these guys give DIFFERENT addresses on their literature?

Anyway – we finally get there and it’s truly just down the sidewalk from the Penthouse strip club. More accurately, the strip club has been renovated out of the same long warehouse. We are driving across seas of asphalt – correction – gravel roads connecting seas of asphalt. But we THINK we get to the right place. There’s not even much of a sign to tell us exactly where to go. The email I received (Oh, yeah, I mean “literature”) just said “Bay 6” as the address. I think Penthouse was at “Bay 69”.

What? No Wal-Mart greeters???

There are no salespeople, no clean restrooms, no polished floors. We’re not sure there’s anyone even around except we eventually hear a forklift in the distance. It’s at least 15 minutes before someone notices us wandering around and comes over to say “Hi”. (Which I’m diggin’ by the way… I hate salesfolk.)


Restaurant gear as far as the eye can see!


We continue cruising around, and find ourselves in a room we didn’t expect – it looks like Denny’s liquidation central – about a thousand restaurant chairs, several hundred “booths”, and stacks and stacks of old table tops that I mistakenly try to peel apart – they are solidified together by untold layers of gum and maple syrup. We leave quickly and find our way back to stainless steel world.

We love these kinds of explorations. No definitive goal in mind, so we are open-minded and willing to let life present things to us.


Sue! Behind you! Don't pass up that baker's rack!


But, while we remain open to the ten-thousand-dollar Hobart professional bread-dough mixer, our general task today is to look at refrigeration units for the apartment, so we focus on that area of this warehouse.

We zeroed in on double-glass-door units previously used to store cold drinks somewhere. Maybe it was a 7-Eleven. Or the Penthouse club down the sidewalk.

They are pretty cool – seem clean enough and are only a few years old. We take all the measurements so that we can go back to BAB and confirm how it all lays out in the new apartment kitchen.


We like the ones with the blue panels at the top


The only downside we see is that there are only two shelves per side.

While shelves are unimportant when you’re storing large mammals, in the apartment location we need much smaller units of storage, so we discuss the possibility of obtaining additional shelves with Jeff, the only employee we’ve seen in 30 minutes, who happens to be wearing torn jean shorts. He guarantees that he can fix us up with some additional shelves. “You doan worry bowtit…”

After all, he’s the guy with the stuff from the place.

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  1. October 15, 2010 9:26 am

    Yes, the big heavy metal kind. And it’s the kind with one big flat drawer and three regular drawers. It was in decent enough shape when I got it but I promptly refinished the maple top and painted the rest black. It still looks sharp even after dragging it around for 20 years.

    • Tom permalink
      October 15, 2010 11:42 am

      “It still looks sharp even after dragging it around for 20 years.”… THAT’s what Sue says about ME…

  2. October 14, 2010 3:32 pm

    I bought the drafting table that I still use to this day at the same warehouse 20 years ago. I was a student at Meramec and someone posted a notice of a sale of old McDonell Douglas drafting tables. My sister bought it for me for my birthday. Still love it.

    • Sue permalink
      October 14, 2010 5:25 pm

      Is it one of the heavy steel ones? I had one of those for years. Now I wish I still had it!

  3. Sue permalink
    October 12, 2010 5:59 pm

    Thanks Todd! We’ll definitely check it out. We are in the market for a more typical residential ice maker and dishwasher.

  4. Todd permalink
    October 10, 2010 8:43 am


    You and Sue might want to check this place out. Their items might have a ding or a scratch but they are brand new. Plus you can work them on the price.

    Premium Appliance
    2231 N 3rd St, St Charles, MO 63301-0961

    (636) 949-5890 () ‎


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