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“Dressed For Adventure”

October 12, 2010

After our east-side-kitchen-equipment-by-the-strip-club adventure (on Saturday), we stopped at our favorite salvage and “junque” store operated by Reegan (sp?).  We’ve been going there a lot since we discovered him – he’s the guy where we got all the scrap steel for the security gate. A couple of weeks ago we saw some cool doors there, but he wasn’t ready to sell them. So I called him earlier in the week to check in about the doors; he told me to come back on Saturday and he’d have an answer. And there we are, back on Saturday: unfortunately, no progress on the doors… he was still salvaging the rest of them and needed to see the whole batch before he could let any go.

So I asked him if he had found any leads on a spiral stair. He says “DANG! Forgot about that…” then dials someone on his phone. A few seconds later: “Sorry, no spiral stair available.” Then he ponders for a while; gives us one of those head-to-toe glances that stuck-up fashionistas give you, and he says “Looks like you guys are dressed for adventure…” [slight pause] “…and though it’s not for sale, there’s a really cool spiral stair in that building a couple hundred yards from here.”  He points down the gravel drive, tells us that we should walk to the barrel on the dock and crawl under the rusty roll-up door.” He knows we’re architects and are familiar with similar construction sites, messy floors, and in particular… DANGER.

He said he’ll be down there in a few minutes to catch up with us.

We had to get down on our hands & knees in some crud; I felt the bottom of the rusty door grab the back of my shirt. Once inside, all we could say was “Oh My GOD!” It was freakin’ awesome! We both have an appreciation for historical structures as well as what you might call “decay”.  I think the pictures tell the rest of the story. It is an awesome place. Hopefully some future pieces can be incorporated into BAB. (Click on the picture a couple times to make them full size and get ALL of the detail.)

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    October 13, 2010 12:39 pm



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