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We got the doors!

October 14, 2010

I am so excited about these doors! Not only are they beautiful, they are substantial, they look like what our steel painted doors are simulating and they are from the downtown public library. I am such a library geek and that is the mothership of our area libraries. It makes me happy to have a part of the library’s history in our project. Here they are:


These are the four we picked out of the stack


Regan pulled out all of the restroom doors for us and let us dig through the stack for the ones we wanted.


Almost like Alice in Wonderland


We picked the two with louvers to use at the laundry. That will help with the return air for the furnace. Of the other two, one is for the bathroom and the other is for the hall closet.

We’ll keep the labels

Men and Women are evenly represented: two and two. Were are going to keep the painted labels, so it might be a tad confusing for dinner guests, but we like how they much they are like the current B.A.Ds. (Big Ass Doors), complete with the gold painted lettering. We didn’t realize how big the doors are until we set them side by side.

New door next to existing door

Regan also let us take a full set of hardware for the doors. It took some digging to get through the buckets to find the right hinges and door knobs.

Digging for buried treasure

He’s got some other potential treasures for us, including some steel railings we can use for the loft. There are some chunks of green marble we are looking at for the bathroom. He also has some of the glass panels from the floors of the library stacks. We’re not sure what we would do with them but they are too cool to pass up.

I could hardly contain my excitement. They represent history, utility and beauty all in a heavy oak slab. Tom wanted to keep a cool facade, thinking the price would go up if we were too eager. It seems, though, that Regan is pleased to keep these pieces of our culture in town and with appreciative owners. These doors are our favorite find so far!
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  1. Lazy Dog permalink
    October 14, 2010 10:41 pm

    The downtown library is one of my favorite buildings of all time. I spent a lot of lunch hours there. The doors are awesome.


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