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Flake no more?

October 30, 2010

There is a lot of flaky paint in the B.A.B., there are paint chips everywhere. We used to laugh about the amount of dog hair in our abode, but the paint chips are even more ubiquitous.

Here's what the walls look like before scraping

After spending many days scraping the walls in the apartment, today we primed the plaster. We are trying a product, ‘Peel Bond’, that is supposed to seal the paint and keep it from continuing to peel.

We decided to paint the walls before the electrician, plumber and heating guys get started. It looks like they will be starting next week, yay! Our goal for the weekend is to get the primer and first coat of paint on the walls. Step one is the Peel Bond.

Peel Bond

This stuff is thick and sticky. It is the consistency of mayonnaise. It looks like thick glue and acts like glue. Unfortunately, it was so sticky, it was pulling even more of the old paint off of the wall.

Flakes of paint stuck on the roller

If you don’t stop and pick the flakes off the roller, the flakes get reapplied to freshly applied sticky paint. It was tedious, but after all day and evening, we got done about 10 pm. It feels great to set a goal and accomplish it in the set time frame. The downside with this project, though, is that it dries clear.

The Peel Bond goes on

After a whole day of work, it would be nice to look out and see what was accomplished. With no visable results, we’ll just have to feel good that this room won’t have anymore  flakes! (Though we can’t say the same about the neighborhood.)

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  1. Darcy permalink
    November 1, 2010 8:20 am

    Looks like that was a less than “a-peeling” project….

    I be it looks great when painted!


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