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November 24, 2010

When I was a pup-architect, a wise, seasoned professional used to lecture our pod of drafters. “Water is the Enemy!” was a frequently heard proclamation. Water is definitely a problem for us. This time, it isn’t just the leaky roof.

We had an unforeseen water issue come up this week in the otherwise dry basement. What started as a damp spot under the water meter has turned into a spreading puddle.

The leak is growing each day

When we stand next to the wall, there is the telltale hiss of water running. We were concerned, of course, but the leak was clearly on the street side of the water meter. We had the same issue bubble up at our little house a number of years ago. We were told that leaks on the house side of the meter are our problem. Leaks on the street side are the water company’s problem. Confidently, we called to report the leak and requested that it be repaired. For several days, we didn’t hear anything back. When we did hear back, it wasn’t good news. Since the B.A.B. is still a commercial building on the books, at least for another few weeks until we have an occupancy permit, we have different rules to follow. Not only are we responsible for the water line all the way out to the street, we are required to bring it up to their current commercial standards (a.k.a. really expensive). They want a vault put into what will be a new sidewalk with a new meter. We’ve contacted various officials and our insurance broker, but so far, we haven’t heard any good news. We haven’t given up on getting help with this, though. In the meantime, we’ll be emptying the buckets above the apartment and sand bagging Loch B.A.B. below, shaking our fists at the enemy.

The plumber’s proposal says he’ll use a “Pneumatic mole” for the installation. At least that has to be something interesting to see!

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