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Filling up fast

December 7, 2010

We are fortunate to have so much space. It is amazing how much storage we need for the stuff we’ve acquired for the apartment!

Lots of stuff

We’ve noted some of the stuff we’ve scrounged in past posts, but we’ve been bringing stuff in almost everyday for the last several weeks. Some things we’ve bought at areas stores, some we’ve bought on-line, some we’ve come upon with the help of friends and acquaintances. We have the luxury of space, so we haven’t been terribly efficient in how we are storing things. In the photo, you can tell which things we brought in first or last by how far they are from the door. The oldest stuff is way back against the wall, the newest are in subsequent strata until we now have a narrow pathway. It is an archeology of shopping.

Some of the stuff we acquired include

stone tile for the bathroom. We got it from a local distributor that gave us a list of all of the stock they are liquidating from their several locations. There are some amazing prices on the list.

Stone tile

We ended up with some limestone and granite tiles for less than $2 per square foot. She also hooked us up with some discontinued solid surface we need for the shower trim. She has been a huge help. Our tile guy is starting this week, which is very exciting. In the meantime, Tom has been building the Fort Knox of shower walls. Nothing will break this thing.

Shower wall and bench


We also now have our spiral stair. We weren’t successful in finding an old one, but we are happy with the kit we bought. It is from a company that has been in business a really long time and has some nice details for the connectors. We had some shipping snafus but it finally arrived and is waiting to be installed. I’m not sure when that will be, but it will be nice to not have to scramble up a ladder every time we need to haul stuff up on the loft.

Checker plate stair treads

Another big purchase was a refrigerator. We decided to forego the appliances-for-sale-next-to-the-strip-club route this time, and got a floor model, slightly dinged. It is new but has been on display. Our friend, Kevin Schaller, connected us with a supplier that has a much prettier showroom than the Sauget version. It was hard to focus on the task at hand, with all the cool stuff on the floor. We’ll be back once the dusts settles on the apartment to start our wish list for the upstairs kitchen. The fridge was delivered on Saturday and it was a bit of a job getting it out of the delivery truck and up our make-shift ramp. We neglected to document the process, because we were all involved in the balancing act. To represent this task, and to exhibit our new fridge, we mocked-up Tom moving it into a storage spot. This blog will follow the Wild Kingdom idiom: All scenes whether actual or created depict authenticated facts.

We're going to need prettier tupperware

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