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Dry Wall

January 4, 2011

We passed another milestone- drywall is done! The walls and ceilings are all now sheathed. After another inspection,
we’ll be ready for the guy that will tape and spackle, then the fun part of installing cabinets, appliances and fixtures can start. The drywall looks great. We can really see what the rooms will look like, now.

This is the wall where the kitchen cabinets
will be installed

It feels like we might actually move in, before too long. Of course,
it wasn’t uneventful.

We started with the plan that we would install the drywall ourselves. How hard can that be? As it turns out, it was harder than we expected. Not only was it progressing slowly, we had a setback. After the weekend that Tom spent crouched in the shower, building the sturdy enclosure and bench, his knee was bothering him. After our weekends, we often feel twinges here and there. Unfortunately, our usual remedy, our jumbo jug of ibuprofen, didn’t help. He went to the doctor who determined that Tom tore his medial meniscus- some soft tissue in his knee joint.

Tom's Knee

He was told to ice it and to avoid carrying heavy things. Drywall is heavy. Just about everything we do there requires lifting something heavy.
Luckily, through the “I Know a Guy” network, we found a guy that could hang the drywall for us. He actually does this for a living and was able to start on Saturday. It took him one day to install it all. It feels like the best $300 we’ve spent so far on this

Cement board in the shower

In addition to the physical trauma, we had an environmental event. On New Year’s Eve, a major storm passed through town. It spawned a number of tornadoes, heavy rain and ripping winds. We, ironically, had an appointment with a roof specialist for the exact time the storm hit us. Luckily, we heard the tornado sirens just as we were heading out the door and we were able to reschedule the meeting.
Our neighborhood wasn’t hit too hard. We noticed that the rain had been blown under the front doors and the mail in the enclosed mailbox was soaked. I’m trying to picture how the storm could blow rain past an eight foot deep vestibule and under the doors. Seeing that didn’t make us feel very good about what we would find in the rest of the place. There were pools of water in the shop on the first floor where it had leaked through the old cable chases. Upstairs, there was water everywhere, not an exaggeration. The buckets were over flowing, we had leaks in new places and water was falling from the ceiling – it was raining inside. The day had started out cold, and then the storm brought very warm air, followed by very cold air. Condensation formed on the ceilings, collecting at the beams. It wasn’t possible to place enough buckets to catch it all. A device hanging in the dock indicated that there was 90% humidity in the air inside. Anything metal, like the doors,
railing and pipes were wet and dripping. The new puddles reactivated the old linoleum glue on the floor, making a sticky, slippery soup. The toilet paper was soaked. It wasn’t a good day.
The good news is that the apartment was untouched and was toasty warm. The drywall stayed dry. The water above didn’t soak through that area. Our stuff stored on the first floor was covered and was not damaged. It was a time sucking annoyance, but the buckets were emptied, the wet-vac sucked up the rest. The water on the north
windows froze into some pretty frost patterns that looked like ferns.

Interesting frost

By the next day, most of the moisture had evaporated. The B.A.B became an indoor showcase of all of the 3 forms of water- vapor, liquid and solid. We’re looking forward to that rescheduled meeting with the roofing guy.

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  1. Tom permalink*
    January 5, 2011 2:34 pm

    For Moms: I just need to add that it is not official that I have a torn meniscus; the MRI scan has not been reviewed by my doc yet.

    • Tom permalink*
      January 8, 2011 1:01 am

      Modification: I talked to knee specialist – he said the MRI was “inconclusive” (seriously?) but felt that there was a SLIGHT tear and he gave me several options in varying degrees of complexity/intrusiveness. I really don’t want the surgery (I had the same arthroscopic procedure in the 80’s)… so I am opting for an injection of cortisone early next week and then see where that takes me…

  2. Darcy permalink
    January 5, 2011 10:06 am

    Wow – what crazy weather! Very happy to hear you were able to get the drywall done so quickly and that the apartment was undamaged. Now for the fun part…..


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