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We have a toilet

January 28, 2011

My dad is retired, now, but he used to work for the plumbing company, American Standard, planning their trade shows and show rooms. It was a bit like working in theater, but instead of canvas flats, he set up shows of porcelain and cast iron all over the country. He has a ton of crazy stories about things like trying to get a spa tub functioning in the middle of McCormick Convention Center. He also got to work with some fun designers. One time, the showroom wasn’t going to be ready for a big show, so they improvised. The architects came up with some cartoon angels that held banners saying “The toilets are coming”, “The sinks are coming”. Dad save a couple of the angels for me. I thought about digging them out this week, if I had any idea where they might be stored.

Tigerman and McCurry's Angels

Some time on Wednesday, our

plumber returned, unannounced, and installed some fixtures. The bathroom now has a toilet!

Our toilet

We also now have the water heater hooked up and the shower fittings installed.

60 gallon water heater- over kill for a one-bath apartment?

He probably would have installed the bathroom sink, too, if we had that figured out. We had something picked out to purchase, but we are revisiting that choice. Our overwhelming desire to get the apartment liveable may trump our design brain lock at some point.

Yes, it is an American Standard fitting. We still have our loyalties.

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  1. Maurine permalink
    February 13, 2011 6:42 pm

    The new toilet with the plastic wrap still on the seat reminds me of an old dormitory trick. When someone was out of their room, on a date etc. others left behind in the dorm would put plastic wrap between the seat and the bowl, hoping that when the room’s occupant got home she wouldn’t turn on the light in her bathroom before hand. We were pretty daring and dastardly for country girls, don’t you think? Moral of the story, don’t forget to turn on the light and remove the plastic wrap.

  2. Darcy permalink
    January 29, 2011 11:21 pm

    Beautiful toilet! No matching “underbite”??? ; )

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