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B.A.B. in the Biz Journal

March 25, 2011

Last week, the B.A.B. was featured in the St. Louis Business Journal’s ‘Structures’ edition. We were interviewed and photographed on the day we moved into the apartment. Both the writer and the photographer seemed to ‘get’ what we are doing and appreciated the B.A.B’s history and appeal. Most folks around us know we are more than happy to ramble on about the project and smartly avoid the topic. We enjoyed having fresh listeners to subject to our stories.

Does the B.A.B. look small in this picture? Or is that just a really big wrench?

The question that came up most often was ‘how do you resolve conflicts during the design process?’. We didn’t know how to answer that because we haven’t really had conflicts, about the design, at least. I’ve certainly had my freak-out-moments, but oddly, on the design stuff, we tend to agree, or feel strongly about different things.

Several people, some we know, some we don’t, have dropped us encouraging notes, most wishing us good luck with the enormity of the task. We honestly didn’t know there would be this many of people interested in the project. The nice words are much appreciated; something positive to ponder while we’re emptying the buckets tonight.

The link above doesn’t include the entire article unless you have a log-in. Here is a link to a version we scanned: BAB-in-Biz-2011-03-18.

This is the closest we’ll ever get to being a ‘center-fold’.

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