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A.I.A. at B.A.B.

April 21, 2011

Tonight we hosted the monthly meeting of St. Louis chapter of the American Institute of Architects, and our event was also included on the agenda of St. Louis Design Week . We have been working hard prepping the place since our last deadline, which was, moving in. But it was a different kind of prep, because this time we’re getting ready for “company coming over”. And it wasn’t like we were getting ready for “mom company”, because we didn’t have to remove the dangerous stuff, as creative types like that kind of thing.

Our agenda for the evening was to have a social hour where people hung out in the main room, while tour guides would lead small groups (about 20) of people through the first and second floors, and finally Sue & I would tell our crazy tale all about why we’re here at BAB.

Docents comparing notes before guests arrive

We cleared out the front room for the event; and Michelle Swatek, (AIA Executive Director Extraordinaire and BAB fan) took care of all of the party planning details: food, chairs, sound, parking, even insurance for the day, plus much more. All Sue & I were charged to do was to prep the space for the meeting, and give a presentation.

Also during the social time, we looped a slideshow of about a hundred pictures of the construction of the apartment.

Tours start; watching the slideshow

There was lots of opportunity for networking, and as usual with most gatherings, the biggest crowds hung around the food tables. Asking our friends to volunteer as docents/tour guides was one of the smartest moves, as we spent a lot of time meeting many of our guests.

Crowd is building

If you’re asking “Where was Lucy during all of this?!” – well, we decided that we should just let her roam around the crowd. We figured that there would be so many people coming in that she’d want to stay and not even attempt to squirt out the front door. She loves people so much that we knew she’d be visiting everyone, though I saw her a few times hanging out around the food table hoping for someone to drop a tidbit of turkey. She checked in with us about every ten minutes. She even got her own name tag from the AIA!

Happy Tourists

As soon as the last tour group was finished, the plan was to start the presentations for the evening. Guests were asked to take their seats and Karl Grice, AIA President, kicked off the meeting.

Meeting is kicked off

Our meeting sponsors were Indiana Limestone Company, and of course, the Big Ass Fans company. Both were offered an opportunity to say a few words before our presentation.

But before Sue & I presented, our special guest, Alderman Tom Villa, was asked to come up and speak. He welcomed the AIA to the Carondelet neighborhood, and shared stories about working with Architects. We think he said something about architects being “stubborn”, and we are confused about where he would have gotten that impression… 🙂  He also talked about growing up in the neighborhood, and has walked and driven by BAB for over sixty years. He is very supportive of what we are doing and is glad that we are taking on this project.

Alderman Tom VIlla

Unfortunately, we don’t have pictures yet of us giving our presentation, but we’ll post them if we get them.  Sue & I explained our story of why we’re here, the vast amounts of buildings we visited before BAB, our sustainable efforts, our design approaches, and much more. (For those of you that have been following our blog, you pretty much know the story.)

We love talking about our project and sharing it with anyone interested in it.

There are so many people to thank for tonight – Michelle and Deb from the AIA, Design Week organizers for including us in their schedule of events, our friends who volunteered to give tours (even Franco came to show off and explain his handywork in the apartment); and thanks to everyone else that helped make tonight a success.

And Lucy was pooped from all of her own “networking” – after the last guests left, she pretty much just collapsed on the kitchen floor.

Lucy is pooped

Perhaps we’ll use her as inspiration – for without any more deadlines in the near future, maybe now Sue & I can finally breathe deep and relax – who knows, maybe we’ll even go out on a date!

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  1. Jim permalink
    April 22, 2011 11:43 am

    It looks like it was a great success! Poor pooped out Lucy, she’s hilarious.


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