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What Lucy does when we’re not home

July 17, 2011

I meant to post this back in April. We’ve slowed down a bit with our posts, and a lot of other things, so we have a lot of catching up to do. Consider this a Gratuitous Lucy Update.

Back then, with the big effort to prepare for the AIA Chapter meeting behind us, we were taking a much needed pause before diving into the next big projects- the water seeping in from below, into the basement and the water leaking in from above, through the roof. Of course, just like when I would get through exams and finally rest, the adrenalin rush is over, and I got a cold. It is nothing major, Mom, just an annoying Spring head cold. I took a day off work to try to sleep it off. The down time gave me my first opportunity to see what Lucy does when we aren’t home, other than update the blog, of course.

She has her active moments, but approaching her tenth birthday, she’s definitely more laid back than she once was.

There's a great view of passers by and the neighborhood dogs from the loft windows. The neighbors are wondering about how the dog in the window is levitating.

Here's the neighbor's view of Lucy

For a more comfy view, she can still see out from the bed

The spot she likes best is the top of the spiral stair. It is cool and she can see out all five windows.

People have asked if Lucy wanders around the building much when we aren’t home. We leave the door open unless the air conditioning is running.  It appears that she prefers to hang out in the apartment, even if we aren’t around. Now that is has turned to super hot, she’ll occasionally check out what we’re doing in the shop or elsewhere, but she definitely prefers the AC.

Every once in a while, she'll keep an eye out for the evil postman or for one of us coming home.

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