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July 18, 2011

Finally, a project that has nothing to do with plumbers or leaks! Our weekend project was something we’ve wanted to do for a while but there was always something more pressing that needed our attention. Well, some of those pressing things included sleeping in and reading the paper, but they were important at the time. It is also the first project that is fundamentally decorative, and interestingly, the thing we’ve had the most discussion about; we both had different ideas of how it should be done and it took a while to reach a compromise. We are very pleased with the result. It captures many of the ideas we find important in the BAB: reuse of found items and celebrating the patina of those item.

When we were designing the loft, we saw that there was an opportunity to do something interesting with the exposed face of the floor structure. We went through extra efforts to make that ‘line’ as thin as possible, for the practical need of more headroom but also because we like the look of new, light, thin structure contrasting with the existing components that are so substantial. We bounced around several ideas about what to use as cladding and have been on the look out for possible materials. We had already found the stacks of silk-screen frames as an interesting material, so we decided to work with them.

We already used a number of silk-screen frames for our building history exhibit

We have a lot of silk-screen frames. We’ve sorted through and consolidated the piles. There was also a stack of broken pieces.

Some of the many silk-screen frames left behind from the days of Rainbow Graphics

Remnants of printing ink, staples, client names and number plates

We picked through the stacks found a few that had the most character and hauled them up to the shop.

It took some cleaning to get them ready to be used

Big Ass Clamp comes in handy for the mock-ups

Once we got an idea of what we wanted it to look like, we marked out the dimensions on the floor of the shop to make a full size mock-up.

Installation begins

After carefully aligning the pieces, Tom pre-drills and screws the piece to the wood beam

General Electric

Bracket detail

Last piece

The completed project

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