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Timlin in Tulsa

December 29, 2011

We haven’t posted in a long time. Sorry. We’ve gone on some terrific trips. We hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner in the BAB. I had an eventful run in the Las Vegas half-marathon. We have been doing stuff at the BAB, or mostly, Tom’s been working on the bathroom, and some restoration work on the new pool table. I kept bugging him to post something. He said I should do a post since he’s done the last five. We’ll here’s my post so Tom will write something. I’ve actually got two posts in me, so he won’t have anymore excuses.

We went on our annual Christmas trip to Tulsa to see Tom’s family over the weekend. This time, we threw in some history side trips. We knew that there was a I.R. Timlin designed Bell building in Tulsa, but we’ve never seen it and we didn’t know were it is located. It was built in 1924, so we figured it must be downtown. Tulsa has an amazing collection of Art Deco buildings making for a fun walking tour. The building is on the edge of what would have been downtown back when it was built.

Much easier to look at buildings from the center of the road, good thing it is Christmas Eve and the streets are empty

Amazing Deco details

It took a little while but we found it. I brought up the old blog post on my phone so we had a photo as reference. I had thought that the white tower in that photo was something in the distance, but it turns out it is a communications structure on the roof. How cool would it be to have one of those?!

Six stories tall, very decorative terracotta

This phone building is a different architectural style. The terracotta is whimsical, with gargoyles and quoins. Architectural term for those bits that step in and out around the window.

Amazing detail for a utility building

There are many elements that are different about this building than the BAB, not the least being it’s a B-er AB, but there are many details in common. This one came about 10 years after ours, but they stuck with some standard elements. Both buildings have a limestone base, iron spot brick, this one red where ours is buff, terracotta around the openings and at the cornice and steel windows.

They look like wood but they are galvanized steel, same manufacturer as ours

The detail turns the corner in the alley. At the top is a hoist beam, like ours, that would be used to bring in equipment

At the alley, the cheaper red brick is used and the windows are simpler, more like ours, there is a steel angle at the base, like ours, to protect the facade from alley trucks

The attention to detail, even at the back of the building is impressive

This building, also like ours, is no longer being used by the phone company. It has been repurposed by a church. It looks like they are good stewards. Interestingly, the building that replaced it is diagonally across the street. It looks like it has been added on to many times, like ours, but the  ‘architecture’ is much more spare. It makes me wonder if, when they don’t need this one anymore, will there be interest in reusing it.


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  1. Maurine permalink
    December 30, 2011 3:05 pm

    Interesting building, but just think about having to rehab 6 stories instead of 4. Mom

    • Sue permalink
      December 30, 2011 3:15 pm

      True! Maybe ours isn’t so BA after all!


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