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Happy Birthday I.R. Timlin

December 15, 2015

Today is the 135th birthday of the architect of the BAB, I.R. Timlin.

Photo from a 1944 Bell Telephone publication

Photo from a 1944 Bell Telephone publication

According to his death certificate, he was born December 15, 1880. I’ve posted a bit about him, as I’ve found out more information. I am honored to see whomever created his Wikipedia page featured some of the research posted on this blog. One of these days, I’ll add some more content to the page, maybe after we fix that drinking fountain in the lobby. . .

Can you imagine the changes he saw in his lifetime? Working for, what back then would be equivalent to a technology company today, Bell Telephone. He would have been right in the middle of the innovations coming from all directions. The changes in his industry were staggering. His profession, however, had changed very little over the course of his career. He would have been drawing very much the same way as the earliest architects- lines on paper. Today, we still draw on paper, and sometime on whatever is handy, but the other tools we use are closer to Star Trek than to Vitruvius. The innovations he saw in his industry are finally reaching our profession. I can only imagine what will come next, but I hope that the buildings we design can have some of the lasting value of his.

So, Happy Birthday Mr. Timlin! May your fine buildings continue to provide Commodity, Firmness and Delight.


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