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First an Act of Destruction

September 4, 2017

“Every act of creation is first an act of destruction” Pablo Picasso

“Time to break some shit…” Tom P.

To kick off the Labor Day weekend and the next phase of work on the BAB, we started clearing the second floor of junk, some our own and some left behind by the printing company. We want to layout the floor plan, full size, to see how the rooms will feel.

We started by gathering up the stuff in the area where the enclosed rooms are going. The big job was removing a huge steel box that was part of the printing equipment. It was too large and heavy to be moved whole, so we took it apart. It appeared that it was built in place. I attempted to remove the cover with a sledge hammer, which didn’t work. Tom got the cover off pretty easily with some less destructive tools.

Tom salvaged a cool looking porthole window.

The challenge was inside the cover. The two welded steel boxes were still too heavy to try to put on the elevator. Out came the torch.

Slow going- thick steel plates

Eventually we had two separate steel boxes, one on top of the other. How do we take them apart? Push it off and potentially damage the floor? Nope. Ramp!

Torch cut steel was too rough to slide.

That seemed like a good idea until we tried to push the box down the ramp and ended up pushing the ramp off the lower box. But the ramp provided a ‘cushion’ so the concrete didn’t end up gouged. The two boxes were separated and lowered to the dock. How do we get them out of the dock and into the alley?


By shoving and rolling we got all of the pieces safely placed in the alley just as the street lights were coming on.

We think this was a four to five hundred pounds of steel

In less than an hour, a neighborhood scrapper showed up with a already very full pick up. How could he possibly add these huge things?

With a little South Side ingenuity and odd bits of rope.

Tom watch him depart down the alley. As far as we know, he at least made if out of the alley.

Inside the boxes were some cool items that will someday find their way into some project.

I’m keeping this

Don’t know what these are but they are interesting shapes

I’m looking forward to sitting at my desk tomorrow.

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  1. September 5, 2017 9:51 am

    The B.A. B never ceases to amaze what it contains. It is like a treasure hunt. It was neat.
    But I really laughed so hard when that “steel” came rushing out into the alley. You have a determined scrap guy! You both are such hard workers. Thanks for sharing your on going journey. 😍


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