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Insurance Exclusions

February 2, 2018

We successfully passed our insurance company’s onsite inspection! It was a lot easier to pass with the roof fixed, but we were still worried that we’d be dropped, yet again. So, once more, I dutifully read through the 68-page policy to see what is covered and what isn’t. And once more, there are some interesting exclusions. Like last time, no trampolines, which we’ll just have to learn to live with. There were a few noteable new things I hadn’t noticed last time.

We aren’t covered for volcano damage anymore, but that’s probably OK. We also aren’t covered for ‘Earth Movement’ or:

Unless the BAB blows up as a result, then we’re covered. We can only hope.

Pulled from the Headlines: We also aren’t covered if we get nuked:

Even if ‘someone’ accidentally hits their ‘much bigger button’.

But I guess if you’re nuked, it doesn’t matter if it was accidental or intentional, same result.

Tom is currently researching a replacement vehicle. He’ll be disappointed about this exclusion:

First no trampolines, and now this!?!? Sorry Tom!

There’s a whole new section on Drones. There must be so many of those pesky things in the air, causing havoc, that the insurance companies have dedicated an entire section excluding damage by them.

If a manned Aircraft takes out some shrubbery, though, we’re covered.

No drone damage covered, OK. Tom saw some several anti-drone systems at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Or, maybe, we adopt an eagle.  On the other hand, we’re good if we’re damaged by self-propelled missiles or spacecraft– Woot!

Whomever get’s Tom’s name next Christmas, you know what he’ll want!

I didn’t know I needed to be worried about coverage for damage from missiles or spacecraft. But, we’re only covered for damage from recreational missiles or spacecraft, not an act of war.

Or terrorism.

I couldn’t find anything about the Zombie Apocalypse or any kind of Alien Invasion exclusions. They must not have that language perfected, yet.

There have to be whole think-tanks of brainy actuaries dedicated to coming up with this stuff!

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  1. February 9, 2018 2:00 pm

    Glad we don’t have the same insurance company! It’s a riot..
    Speaking of drones, my Pastor (he is 43),
    bought himself a recreational drone. He was practicing in the office (bumping into everything) and took it out into the driveway. He is not too good at it, as there he was running after it, as it went higher and higher, he was trying to control it, alas, he has not seen it again. His excitement lasted about 8 minutes!.
    Maybe it made it to St. Louis?
    Thanks again for your interesting news on the B.A.B.

    • Sue permalink*
      February 10, 2018 3:00 pm

      We’ll keep an eye out for it!


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