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Social Media for Dead People

March 20, 2018

OK, so maybe it is really more like Social Media for Genealogy Buffs. This is not a direct connection to our building, just a weird thing I stumbled upon, thanks to Google interconnecting the world.

On occasion, we’ll hear from someone that found us after searching for information on the Jacoby stained glass studio, who worked in our building after the telephone company divested of it in 1945, until the last big recession in 1975. We’ve found a number of artifacts from that period and I tracked down one of the family members that last worked in the building. He sent me a bunch more information, including promotional materials. We’ve written about them a lot here. To see more, search for Jacoby in the Search Our Blog box on the right side of this page.

We recently got some comments from people in Oklahoma asking if we had any information on the windows in their churches. I wasn’t able to help them, unfortunately. One sent some photos of their windows- very pretty.

These are from the McAlester, Oklahoma, First Presbyterian Church- thank you to the Harringtons who shared the photos. These windows were probably done before Jacoby move to the BAB, so less likely that we would have their artifacts. I remembered that we have some watercolors from a couple churches in Oklahoma, but I didn’t remember the town they were from, so I googled the dedication name that was on one of the drawings, Katherine Sue Harwell. This came up:

This image is from the website At the top is a photo of one of the watercolors we found and posted on our blog. I was, first, surprised to see our photo on a different, completely unrelated website, and then, surprised to see that a wiki-grave-stone website exists. I’m guessing that Robert Sandlin, a frequent contributor to Find A Grave, googled Katherine’s name, looking for a grave marker photo or such, and stumbled upon our post. Interesting hobby- no judging- we are fans of cemeteries. I never thought to look for a website like this, though. It was interesting to learn more about Katherine Sue and her family.

Of course, I entered my last name in the site! Found some relatives, but a lot more Pruchnicki’s out there than I expected. Many are in Ohio and Texas. When my family road trips from New Jersey to visit relatives in Kansas, we used to look in phone books for our last name. I don’t think we ever found one.

I guess if you throw stuff out on the internet, it could end up in unexpected places. Maybe, someday, Robert Sandlin will google his name and find himself here. I hope he leaves a comment!

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