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Big idea

November 9, 2019

In architecture school, there was a common opening statement at reviews: “My big idea is _____”. That was meant to communicate the compelling concept that informed the design. Sometimes the concepts were less than compelling, which gave snarky reviewers gleeful fodder for their insults.

There are so many forums for the discussion of the vagaries of design school. When I was in it, I had trouble understanding why what we (picture people) said about the design ideas was so important in critiques. And, it was frustrating to hear reviewers praise projects where the ‘talkitecture’ wasn’t backed up by thoughtful design.  There are no plaques on buildings to explain the “big idea” to passers-by.  The building is a physical reality for people to interpret for themselves.

So, to be at risk of serving up ‘talkitecture’, here are some thoughts about our design concept. This ‘big idea’ is really an organizing tool and a way to create a framework for decorative features.

Our big idea is Bars

We don’t particularly like the word ‘Bars’ to describe our design concept. But, we (picture people) couldn’t think of a more eloquent word for it. I think it is fun to say ‘Bar Bar’, so there is that.

When a visitor arrives and comes up the front stairs (North is to the right side of the plan (things architects say)) they will first enter the Gallery. This will be a space for us to display our work and collections. It will also be a pre-function space for events, like drinks, before moving into the main space for dinner. When the group moves to the next space, by turning the corner, Drama!, the expanse of the space will be revealed.

This will be the view, but, you know, without all this junk- surplus bucket storage

There are four Bars that organize the space into zones: Kitchen, Bar, Library and the Art Bar. The Bars will each be finished with a unique material, something we’ve salvaged, like a collage of different woods or steel panels. That will be something we do ourselves later, but they will at first be painted different colors .

The first three Bars are labeled by the function of the area. The fourth, the Art Bar, is to be a thick wall with lit niches for sculpture. One of my weekend’s goals will be to measure our sculptures and design the pattern of niches.

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  1. Jay Reiter permalink
    November 12, 2019 2:59 pm

    Makes sense to me. Can you do a similar diagram showing how you see entering the “Live,Live” space? It all looks very exciting. “You’ve come a long way baby!”

    • Sue permalink*
      November 12, 2019 3:24 pm

      Thanks Jay! We would park in the garage we’re adding below where our bedroom and the guest room are located. We’d come up the back stairs or up the elevator.

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