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It runs in the family…

August 10, 2011

Today we have a “guest post”… It’s not about BAB directly but if you’re a regular blog reader, you’ll definitely see the connection.

This morning my mother sent an email to our entire family. I am one of six kids, and a message to the whole bunch can have anywhere from a dozen to 30+ recipients now that she’s a great-grandmother. So she’s found email a useful tool for updating everyone on events. Today’s message was quite a surprise, and seemed so appropriate to copy to our blog so I asked her if that would be okay…

(Some quick background – Mom is in her 70’s, lives in Tulsa, OK, and recently a bad hail storm damaged her shingle roof and her home insurance was going to replace it. She lives in a single-story ranch house with a large attic, and many years ago Dad installed a lot of vent turbines to help cool the attic during those hot sunny Oklahoma summers.)

Here is the email – in its entirety…

Hi everyone,
I have to tell you of my exciting weekend!!!
Tom and Sue, you will appreciate it, seeing all you have been through with the BAB.
I will write it just as it happened.
Saturday the guys came to do the roof.  It was about 113 degrees out.  They took all of the old stuff off, and put the felting on.  2 of the guys got sick, so they decided to come early on Sun. morning and put the shingles on.  At this point, it is still HOT AND SUNNY.
One of the guys came back around 7:30, to move a truck that had been parked in the driveway.  Still hot and sunny.  While we were talking, it started to sprinkle, and then harder.  WELL, the guys had taken off the vent turbines, other pipes too, and there was the roof with all of these empty holes.  He went up on the roof to cover it all with tarp.  By then the rain was so hard and we had hurricane winds.  It was terrible.  The tarp kept blowing away and so did some of the felting.  I am sure you can guess by now what happened—-water in the house!  Mostly in the ceilings.  The insulation was getting pretty wet, so the rest is not good.  In the washroom [utility room], a piece of the ceiling fell on the floor and made a mess.  Living room has wet marks in a corner, hallway too, and a couple of other rooms too.  You know that rain came in from all of the open spots on the roof.
They had some workers come on Sat. night, they were covering all the empty spots.  They were here until about 11:00.  Then the rain stopped..
Sunday the roofers came.  It was HOT and SUNNY then.  They had to take all of the old felting off, and start all over again.  In the meantime, a guy came and fixed the ceiling in the washroom [utility room].  Still has to be painted later when it dries.
Finally, the shingles got put on.
Then they went up into the attic to take the wet insulation out.  While taking the LAST piece of wet insulation out over the hallway, a piece of ceiling fell.  Now another new ceiling is going to have to be put in…  You should have seen all of the insulation that they took out.  Course, new will have to be put in.  They are letting things dry, and will be here in a few days.
The only good thing is that the roof is real nice.  Beautiful color.  Except with all that happened, I am not appreciating it yet.  Probably not until the house is in order.  That is going to be a job…
So, now I really know how Tom and Sue felt when things went awry.  And Tom, now you know where your “storytelling” comes from.
We had rain on Mon. night, and I was still walking around looking all over, but it was all okay.  No rain in!  But then, it wasn’t supposed to, right??
We had needed rain so bad, but I wish it had not come with such force.  Many people were without power, trees falling into homes, etc.  In fact, a lady on 14th Street [around the corner] had just had a roof put on 2 weeks ago, and a big tree fell into her house during the storm.
I hope that I do not have to compete with BAB news ever again!!!  I just felt so awful about it all.  Sometimes life sucks….
Well, guess I will say goodnight.
Will keep you posted.
I love you,
Mom             xxxoooxxx

Sorry there are no pictures or video – Mom doesn’t carry around a camera-video-phone 24/7 like I do.

I have to say my favorite part is to read Mom writing “Sometimes life sucks…” Sue & I have thought that many times.

She deserves this honorary guest post.

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