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The Ink Finale

October 3, 2010

We hit an important non-construction milestone this weekend: we have removed all of that smelly silkscreen ink from the building!

(Rather than dispose of it through waste sites, we wanted to see if there was someone in the city that could use it.)

In a previous post I wrote about how we tracked down the artist of a print we bought at auction, then found her blog, then read an old post about her experiments with solvent-based silkscreening ink, and finally contacted her to see if she wanted some free ink. So back in the beginning of August, she toured the building and checked out the remaining ink. (The majority of the ink was given to a community college – see this post.) She thought that she could use all that we had left, but she needed to check with her studio as well as borrow some transportation. After a couple of failed rendezvous attempts, mostly due to transportation issues, I just told her that I would volunteer my truck and my time and deliver the ink for her, but it would have to wait until after our vacation. So we were finally able to schedule it for yesterday, because I planned to spend the day working at B.A.B.

The B.A.T. ready to take away the last containers of ink!

We loaded up the truck and moved it to a printshop near Jefferson Ave & Cherokee Street. The gal at the recipient print studio was excited to have all the ink, and we are excited to no LONGER have the ink. Everyone is happy. Our goal was to have it all gone before we move in, so yay!

It’s finally all gone.

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