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The Lobby, Today

August 10, 2013

I was looking back at some photos from when we first saw the B.A.B. and noticed that the lobby looks very different today. There have been a few projects that we haven’t thought to write about. This one is a smaller one, in the scheme of things, and happened a little bit at a time.

This is what the lobby looked like when we first entered the building.

This is what the lobby looked like when we first entered the B.A.B..

We haven’t made any structural changes to the space. A lot of paint chips have been swept up and the walls have been sealed. Mostly, it was cleaned and decorated.

Lobby Today

This is what the lobby looks like, today.

The cabinet came from a Selkirk’s auction. It holds the dogs’ stuff for walks. The carpet tile collage is like what we have on the loft in the apartment, and pretty much everywhere we’ve put down carpet. The pottery came from a student art auction at SIUE, one of our favorite places to find art pieces and the B.A.M. was another of Tom’s on-line auction finds.  The door with the stained glass was here but it has been cleaned and the light fixtures behind it have been fixed. We leave those lights on all the time, it is a pleasant glow to come home to. There is a non-functional drinking fountain that holds flashlights for venturing into the areas without lights. There are fewer of those places, now, but it is handy to have them collected there. Sometimes, we get asked if we’ll fix the drinking fountain. We figure, that if we are getting around to fixing that little fountain, the B.A.B. will be in fine shape! It is nice to see, though, with all we still need to do in this place, that we have made progress. Chipping away.

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  1. August 10, 2013 7:37 pm

    I remember going there when it was a silkscreen shop. Love what you’ve done with the place!!!

    • Sue permalink*
      August 10, 2013 11:38 pm

      Thanks! There are many reminders from the printing days still around.

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