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“I can build you a better closet… Welcome home baby.”

April 17, 2009

So there’s a scene near the beginning of the movie “Sex and the City” where Carrie and Big have just finished touring an AWFUL tiny New York apartment and they are now being shown the penthouse of the same building. Everything about the place is stunning and Carrie can’t believe it’s even available. She asks the real estate agent why it’s on the market, he says it’s a terrible divorce case, and Carrie says something to the effect of “OMG, what is there to fight about in this beautiful place?” as she’s opening the closet door.  She looks into this tiny shoebox of a closet and says “Oh. That explains it.” So if you know anything about Carrie and her fashion, shoes, etc., that’s a dealbreaker.  Big looks at her, realizes how much Carrie loves the place except the abysmal (dealbreaker) closet, says “I can build you a better closet… Welcome home baby.”

Sue & I are on our second visit to the telephone building, and Sue is still not convinced that we should buy this big old place. I keep explaining all the great spaces we could create, we’d have so much room for pretty much anything we wanted; and Sue reminds me that it needs all kinds of repair and work, and all that space needs to be heated and cooled. “No it doesn’t…” I said, thinking that I could do woodworking in a 45-degree workshop…  “But the pipes will freeze” she replied. “Then we heat just the areas with pipes…” I replied.

I’m not sure I was convincing her.

So we were casually walking around the place some more, and ended up in that somewhat nicer “office” area.

Office area, about midway, looking south.

We’re in that office, in the middle of one of these discussions with Sue saying all 0f the practical reasons why we shouldn’t buy this building, and me saying all the crazy cool things that we could do with all of 13,000+ square feet, and I waved my arms in a big wide circle and said “Sue, THIS could be your closet…”


So I can’t really say that THAT was “THE” deciding factor, but it definitely was the turning point when Sue was able to reconsider the positive aspects of this building and that they might outweigh the negatives. When we really compare this building to all of the others we’ve seen, it’s pretty cheap on a per square foot basis, it has amazing architectural features, it’s built like a freakin’ tank, and the big open spaces provide an unparalleled opportunity to create whatever spaces we’d like.

Sue will definitely get her Big Ass Closet.

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