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Open House

November 29, 2009


After all this time, 2-years of climbing through rundown properties, all the planning, late nights drawing and redrawing plans, meetings with lenders, contractor pricing negotiation, we FINALLY own a building. Of course, we are throwing a party. So many people have been a part of this process, and helped us to get to this point, it is only fitting to have an open house to thank them for their support. But, we also just needed to take a moment to drop what we are doing and scream “WOO HOO!!!”

Open House Invite

Nothing like a deadline

We picked a date- the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This gave us about a month of weekends to get the place relatively safe and presentable for visitors, and a few days off from our offices right before the party to get ready. It had the added benefit of setting a deadline for us to get the place emptied out to make starting the renovations possible (see the entry on the Clean up). There was also the not so minor need to put together a functional bathroom. Of course, not ones to take a limited approach to any project, we added an area of exhibits on the history of the building and the stained glass window drawings. Diva, the movie that inspired our search for a space with an industrial esthetic, was projected on the one large wall.

History of the Building

As mentioned in the post on The Big Clean and the Party Prep, Jim and Darcy arrived on the Sunday before the party. Friends Patrick and Aly stepped in to help, as well. Patrick arrived with tools and a kick-ass play list of tunes for the party. Aly worked her magic with the mismatched chairs and quasi-table-chair pieces we put together to make seating arrangements, food spreads and a name tag station. Everyone did so much more than we’ve written, to make the place look great.

History of the Phone

Food and Flowers

The night

We invited a lot of people, we don’t even know how many. We would be scraping and our minds would wander- ‘did we invite so-and-so?’, so we’d add another couple names every few days. We probably forgot a few, apologies if we did. It was a whirlwind getting this pulled off. There wasn’t a request for a rsvp, so we had no idea of how many people would show up. As best as we could figure, we think there were about 100 folks- friends, co-workers, contractors, new and current neighbors, friend of friends, possibly a few party crashers, hard to tell.


It felt like a wedding. We didn’t get to eat; we talked to a lot of people but not all the people we wanted to see. People brought creative ‘house warming’ presents ranging from duct tape, bandages, tools and a lottery ticket. I hope we were able to thank everyone.

It was a blast!

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